The man is a complete artist. If the technique he currently enjoys with passion is one of the components of his artistic universe, it is simply because the graphic expression is the logical outcome of any artist who wants to fully agree with the culture and his innate artistic faculties.

Jean-Marc Rives possesses the gift of suggestive power. All his pictorial expression is oriented towards the figurative representation of colorful and luminous motifs, because he is a Mediterranean painter par excellence, with a warm and spontaneous temperament. His paintings are treated instinctively, disciplined touches and organized tasks that come together with talent and reveal sunny and subtle landscapes in optimized tones. Lightness of the material and delicate waves in an arrangement which expresses a constant evolution and an assurance which earns in sobriety, in agreement with the sensitivity of the artist.

To look at the works of Jean-Marc Rives is also to meet the sincerity and a certain conviction that do not leave us insensitive. A plural artist, his pictorial expression extends his gifts of interpreter and authentic writer.
   Luc-Elysée SERRAF
  Judicial Expert in Art Works
 Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence

The painting sometimes has discrete charms, almost silent, playing with the simplicity and the emotion of the landscapes. This is the case in the work of Jean-Marc Rives, whether the lane of a Provencal village, the Brittany coast or a fragment of the island of beauty, it is the peace that reigns, everything is treated in broken tones, in filtered nuances. I imagine very well Jean-Marc Rives crisscrossing the landscape in search of a certain osmosis, to discover a landscape of soul before settling to chew it and take it back to the workshop, or seize it directly on the pattern, all in nuance, as one writes a poem.
Jean-Marc Rives is familiar with personal exhibitions and all-round shows where many of his works were noticed and awarded, which also allowed him to sympathize, among others, with one of the great figures of figurative art TOFFOLI .

In a world where violence and noise reign, blindness and determination, pride and power, money and speculation, the pictorial space of Jean-Marc Rives offers us a haven of peace, a palette of silence and a melody in the colors of the intimate .

 Art critic