The man is a complete artist. If the technique that it currently affectionate with passion is one of the components of its artistic universe, it is quite simply because the graphic expression is the logical result of any artist who wants to be in total agreement with the innate culture and his artistic faculties. 

JEAN-MARC RIVES has the gift of the suggestive capacity. All its pictorial expression is directed towards the figurative representation of coloured and luminous reasons, because he is a Mediterranean painter par excellence, with the cordial and spontaneous temperament. Its fabrics are treated of instinct, in disciplined keys and organized spots which are assembled with talent and reveal sunny and subtle landscapes in optimized tonalities. Lightness of the matter and waves delicate in a fitting which expresses a constant evolution and an insurance which gain in sobriety, in agreement with the sensitivity of the artist. 

To look at works of JEAN-MARC RIVES, it is also to meet sincerity and a certain conviction which do not leave us insensitive.
Plural artist, his pictorial expression prolongs his gifts of interpreter and authentic writer.

Luc-Elysée SERRAF


                  Legal expert in Works of Art